Elysion (Ἠλύσιον πεδίον)

GREEKElysion is a project – a Mediterranean Voyage among 6 Greek islands – that seeks to bring specific elements from some of these islands into a 21st-century renaissance;

a cultural journey with the purpose to connect
with the idea of serving
digging down into the Greek philoxenia
the rule of hospitality first sponsored by Zeus –
and bringing them alive in a new aristotelianism
as a link, a path, a bridge
to ancient history and ethos
but with eudemonia
an event with serving, water, bread or something else
connecting places, people, history and legends
present and past
and fight against the anthropocene

Elysion is a project that I work on together with a very talented GREEK woman; Esthir Lemi Petropoulou. In the project 6 GREEK islands and destinations will be selected and an event will be presented on each one.