Philosophies and Space and Place Connected


She entered the grandiose staircase from Restaurant Einstein to Bar Lebensstern on the first floor of the Villa, the music flowing down embracing her; Marilyn Monroe’s soft voice singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

It wasn’t diamonds she was wearing that evening, and beside she wasn’t a starlet.

The cocktail glass of Inglourious Basterd in her hand named after Quentin Tarantino’s movie featuring the repressing Nazism regime during WWII set here in the interior with the definite atmosphere from the wood panelling, the leather armchairs and the rich glass-encased collection of spirits; sent extensive mixed smells of gin, brandy, fresh lime juice and ginger beer up. Tasting it she smiled, it was absolutely delicious!

Heading to Lebensstern, she had reminiscing; what was it Eisenman had said about the occasion or the event to wear the jewels? “You must wear them when symbolic events take place…  They are objects with mystic and unconscious meanings”. (Radice 1987:22).

Once in an interview he had answered: “sorcery!” being asked to propose a jewel as symbol for power or eroticism or seduction or sorcery.