Things to remember…

Photo by Patrick Ronge Vinther

When we as architects with our drawing tools and models construct a rather big and important part of our daily life we are often inspired often through dreams and fantasy. The choice of plates, glass, cutlery, the set of lightning and decorations stage our table and creates every time we lay it a unique story. When it comes to The Architects Christmas Table, then the idiom, the choice of materials, style are all subjects that we deliberately refer to between the meal, the historic and architectural references.

At this exhibition, we regard “architecture as the child of the architect”. An inextricable part of our self, and thereby also the most difficult, biggest and most magic experience we know of. The

Architects Christmas Table becomes the symbol of all this, and at the same time an admonition about the influence and responsibility we have as architects.


Anna Marie Fisker

Tenna Doktor Olsen Tvedebrink

Hans Ramsgaard Møller


Things to remember